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We partner with profitable branded companies in the Consumer, Business to Business and Healthcare Services sectors

  • Companies that command above-average profit margins due to superior competitive positioning
  • Differentiated products and services
  • Loyal, repeat customers
  • Strong, dedicated management teams
  • Revenues of $20-100 million, EBITDA of $2-15 million
  • Opportunities where Webster’s industry, operating, financing and brand building experience can add value

Webster Capital together with our Limited Partners as co-investors can provide total financing for Transactions ranging from $20-200 million.

Webster takes a long-term view in arriving at a valuation for a company rather than focusing exclusively on a multiple of earnings. We believe that well-managed companies with differentiated brands and loyal customers can generate sustained earnings growth and long-term value.

We pride ourselves on being flexible and creative in structuring investments and work closely with management and company advisors to provide the best value to selling shareholders as well as to those who continue as owners.

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